Radio-based Real Time Localisation Systems

Radio-based Real Time Localisation Systems in Tunnels

Satellite-supported navigation systems like GPS thar are to be found in practically every car would be of enormous assistance underground as well. Unfortunately this form of navigation is not possible owing to the frequent thick rock overburdens and the lack of radio links. The following report presents an innovative real-time capable localisation and tracking system for underground structures.

GPS-based navigation systems have revolutionised branches of technology and nowadays are absolutely essential for modern industrial applications. As far as traditional mining technology is concerned satellite-supported navigation systems cannot be used on account of the overburden covering the tunnel and in turn the lack of radio connections with the GPS satellites. Nonetheless the potential for using associated applications is great. The Rittal GmbH & Co. KG has devised a novel, innovative solution for using a real-time capable localisation and tracking system for underground structures...

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