Redeveloping the Pfänder Tunnel

After commissioning the 2nd bore in mid-2012, the original 6,585 m long, twin-track bore of the Pfänder Tunnel was closed to traffic to be redeveloped. In late 2012, most of the construction jobs in the original bore were already completed. Four new cross-passages were ex­cavated – in addition to the 11 in part negotiable cross-passages between the 2 tunnel bores – and the concrete carriageway (50,000 m²) installed. Most of the tunnel surface coating was also produced.

The facilities for the extinguishing water supply are to be renewed. This will be followed by the installation of lighting, ventilation and signalling technology. The new command post set up at the north portal for emergency services will contribute towards enhancing safety in conjunction with the existing control centre in the Weidach service facility at the south portal.

Once the redevelopment work is completed in the original bore, one-way traffic will run through the 2 twin-track tunnels from mid-2013. This will result in more safety in the greater Bregenz region as well as fewer tailbacks. The Asfinag (Austrian motorway operator) invested € 205 million in this project – with around € 15 million earmarked for redeveloping the existing bore.⇥G.B.


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