Special formwork for hydraulic tunnel lining with application of HDPE membrane

To meet the growing necessity of the metropolitan and touristic area of Abu Dhabi, during the year 2008 ADSSC has started the STEP project (Strategic Tunnel Enhancement Programme), which will be completed in the year 2015. For the two key parts of the project T-02 (15 km 5.0 m final diameter tunnel) and T-03 (10.5 km 5.5 m final diameter tunnel) both awarded to the contractor Impregilo S.p.A. (today Salini Impregilo), CIFA has designed and constructed 12 special tunnel steel forms for the loading and traction of the special membrane HDPE (High Density PolyEthylene). This membrane shall be installed before the pouring and integrated with the final lining surface, which has to guarantee over 80 years of useful life of the project under extremely heavy conditions of corrosion.

The Project

Abu Dhabi Sewerage Service Company (ADSSC) manages for the emirate of Abu Dhabi the whole sewer system of the territory and of the connected islands. They have developed a strategic project called STEP (Strategic Tunnel Enhancement Programme) to be able to control the great residential, touristic and industrial expansions (Fig. 1). This project, through a long network of 41 km of tunnels for the main collector and 43 km of small tunnels as secondary network, intercepts the waste water of the entire urban area of Abu Dhabi and of the new settlements. This new collector and its...

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