Strategic Partnership between CREG & Metalliance

In February 2019 the China Railway Engineering Equipment Group (CREG) and French multi-service vehicle (MSV) manufacturer Metalliance have announced a strategic partnership comprising a cooperation in terms of marketing, manufacturing and excavation works in tunnelling projects. TBM supplier CREG specializes in R&D, manufacturing, technical service and tunneling equipment. Since 2013 CREG has delivered TBMs to 17 countries including Singapore, Malaysia, India, Italy, Lebanon, Israel and the UAE. Metalliance has a distribution network in Europe, North America, South America, Australia and Japan. Since 1993, Metalliance has provided MSVs and other tunnel equipment for more than 100 projects worldwide.

Metalliance is currently working with CREG at Dubai‘s Deep Tunnel Storm Water System: two CREG TBMs with 11 m dia­meter will excavate 10 km deep drainage tunnel for Porr/Six Construct JV, and Metalliance MSVs will transport the segments to the machines.


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