Stuttgart 21: Deutsche Bahn Awards First Major Contract for Track Bed Construction for 92 Million Euros

For the reorganisation of the Stuttgart rail junction, the structural work has progressed so far that the next phase of the project can be started: Deutsche Bahn has now awarded the first contract for the construction of the track bed as part of Stuttgart 21. The contract for the Filder Tunnel and the Obertürkheim Tunnel was awarded to the Austrian company Porr at the beginning of May 2020 with a volume of 92 million euros. Three further track bed contracts are to be awarded this year. The track bed in the Fildertunnel and the Obertürkheim Tunnel will be constructed as so-called slab track. After completion of the carcass work, the concrete base layer, the sleepers and the rails for the future track line will be installed. In the course of this, a mass-spring system will in addition be installed in some sections of the tunnel to dampen possible vibrations during later train operation. The contract also includes safety lighting in the tunnels and extensive cable work. According to current planning, work on the slab track is to begin in May 2021, initially in the Filder Tunnel.


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