Stuttgart–Ulm Rail Project: Imberg Tunnel

The Imberg Tunnel is located on the Swabian Alb plateau, which is crossed by the new Wendlingen–Ulm rail link. This journal has already reported on this major project and the plan approval section PFA 2.3 Alb Plateau [1]. The Imberg Tunnel is 499 m long, which means it is numbered among the shortest for the Stuttgart–Ulm rail project. The ICE will only need roughly 7 seconds to pass through the tunnel.

The position of the tunnel in the second contract section of the around 23 km long plan approval section can be seen in Fig. 1. Topographical marginal conditions define the length of the 220 m central construction section, which is driven by conventional means. Cut-and-cover sections extend the tunnel at both sides (Fig. 2). On the south side this is defined by the planned or rebuilt road network; at the north side a highly frequented game pass that crosses the track has to be catered for. Subsequently the latter will be continued in the form of a wildlife bridge over the A8 motorway.


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