Calibrating empirical and numerical Calculations with Measurements Values

Surface Settlements at the Boßler Tunnel

Taking the example of the Boßler Tunnel (Albaufstieg) in the Stuttgart–Ulm rail project, the measurements of surface settlements in the start-up area of the east tube were evaluated and applied to calibrate an empirical model and a numerical 3D finite element model [4]. Both methods display their suitability for recalculating the settlements in the mixed face conditions.

1 Introduction

Surface settlements tend to present an ever-recurring risk in tunnelling for the infrastructure above the tunnel. This must be predicted on the basis of a model as realistically as possible. Tunnel drives in areas without a surface infrastructure are especially valuable for further developing prediction models, as larger settlements are permitted here and the ground is not improved in advance. This report evaluates surface settlements taking the example of the Boßler Tunnel, which is currently being driven with two single-track tubes on the new Wendingen–Ulm rail route; for...

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