Book Review

Tunnelling Manual 2014

Compendium for Tunnel Technology, Planning Aid for Tunnelling. Edited by: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Geotechnik (DGGT), Essen. 38th Year: 422 pp. DIN A6 with 175 Ill./Tables and 165 Sources.

ISBN 978-3-422-03055-4.

Bound 39.90 euros.

Verlag Ernst & Sohn, D-10245 Berlin 978-3-433-60357-4

Tunnelling is numbered among the most interesting and difficult tasks facing the construction engineer and calls for theoretical knowledge and practical experience in geology, geotechnics, statics, massive construction, engineering and construction method techno-
logy as well as construction management. The “Tunnelling Compendium” has served as a practice-related aid for clients, planners and contractors for many years; it sums up new developments, problem complexes and findings from ongoing projects for experts thus documenting the state of the art. This tradition has been continued since the Verlag Ernst & Sohn took over.

The new 2014 edition contains 10 contributions featuring interesting projects split up into the segments: mechanised tunnelling (recommendations for design, production and installation of segments, also including structural fire protection; including calculation methods; forecasting rates of advance for TBM drives in hard rock, also involving reprogrammed software), construction materials and structural components (individual joint system for coupling segments; successful application of concrete with the addition of polypropylene fibres at the Bautzen Tunnel West Bypass for improving structural fire protection; connecting plastic sealing membranes by adhesive means to lining segments as an alternative to clamping, also in conjunction with joint packing) as well as research and development (vibration-low blasting; injecting synthetic resin for sealing in tunnelling in swelling rock). Finally, details on 2 examples from practice are provided involving the planning and execution of the Bechergasse underground interconnecting section for the North-South light urban Railway in Cologne (enlargement cross-section between 2 shield tunnels for installing a crossover) and new service fields for complex infrastructure projects taking the example of the Wehrhahn Line, a 3.4 km long Metro line in Düsseldorf with holistic central logistics management. – The manual is again rounded off by a list of suppliers for tunnel products. The list of authors at the end is new. A list of keywords might also be useful.⇥G.B.


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