World Tunnel Congress 2015 in Dubrovnik

From May 22 –28 2015 the host of the  World Tunnel Congress 2015, the Croatian Association for Underground Construction – ITA Croatia, invites the international tunnelling community to Dubrovnik, which is regarded the most beautiful city on the southern coast of the country.

Promoting Tunnelling in South-East Europe

The topic of the 2015 World Tunnel Congress is dedicated to the development of using underground space in South-East Europe. The goal is to introduce participants to contemporary and new methods and technologies which can contribute to the development in the field of underground use and tunneling in Croatia as well as inthe wider region of South-East Europe.

Traffic and infrastructure are indispensbale parts of each country and in terms of environmental protection, the use of underground space is an international trend and a suitable form of development in urban areas. It is expected that this important exhibition will expand the possibilities of development in this part of construction for the benefit of the profession and the wider community and will also strengthen the recognition of Croatian builders in the area of underground structures and the relationships and cooperation with countries around the world. The WTC 2015 will certainly be a great opportunity for engineers, designers, contractors and investors to learn about the technical possibilities and financial advantages of new methods an products.

After the deadline for submitting abstracts on November 1 has pased, the Scientific Committee received a total of 602 submissions, indicading a great interest in the WTC 2015.

Registration and Reservations

The congress will be held at the Valamar Lacroma hotel from May 22 –28 2015 with an estimated turnout of up to 1500 participants from all over the world.

Registration for the conference is open since September as well as reservations for the most beautiful hotels in Dubrovnik provided for the participants. After the registration, participants will not only receive complete, detailed information but also booking options for transfers, excursions and other related content.

Being a city with a rich historical and cultural heritage and preserved monumental architecture Dubrovnik was included in the UNESCO world heritage site and can, therefore, offer a vast range of attractions. Its many churches, the city walls, fortresses and the museums with their rich historical exhibitions impress every visitor.

The immediate vicinity of the Dubrovnik airport which offers flights to a large number of european cities, makes the congress location easily available for participants from all over the world.


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