New Bebenroth tunnel

Parallel to the 135-year old, 953 m long two-track Bebenroth tunnel near Witzenhausen on the railway line between Eichenberg and Oberrieder, the new single-track Bebenroth tunnel will be built in a timeframe of two and a half years. The tunnel will be 1030 m long and will be excavated from the northern portal using blast technology. Excavation began at the end of July 2010. Following completion of the new tunnel tubes in 2012, the new tunnel will be refurbished. This will allow trains to travel through two single-track tunnels – the refurbished old tunnel and the new Bebenroth tunnel. Both...

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Issue 07/2012 Germany

New Bebenroth Tunnel: In Situ Concrete Inner Shell with special Cement

A new, 1,030 m long single-track tunnel is being produced directly alongside the existing 935 m long, twin-track Bebenroth Tunnel (1872/75) at Witzenhausen between Oberrieden and Eichenberg stations...

Issue 05/2022

Metro Tunnel in Nuremberg Excavated With Cutter

On 23 March 2022, the breakthrough on the final conventionally excavated tunnel section for the extension of underground line 3 in Nuremberg was completed exactly on schedule. Among other things, a...

Issue 01/2015 Germany

Steinbühl Tunnel: More than 50 % excavated

The 4847 m long Steinbühl Tunnel and the 8806 m long Boßler Tunnel, both with single-track bores, are part of the 14.5 km long Albaufstieg 2.2 planning approval section, which is an element of the...

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Stuttgart 21: Excavation of Feuerbach Tunnel Is Finished

Driving for the Feuerbach Tunnel, which connects the existing railway lines to and from Mannheim, Karlsruhe and Paris with the future Stuttgart Central Station, was completed with a tunnel...

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Stuttgart 21: Excavation of Rosenstein S-Bahn Tunnel

The DB Projekt Stuttgart–Ulm GmbH celebrated the start of the excavation for the part of the Rosenstein S-Bahn Tunnel to be driven from the bank of the Neckar on July 16, 2019. The future suburban...