Malmö City Tunnel opened

After the Malmö City Tunnel was opened by King Carl Gustav XVI of Sweden the new route from the Öresund Bridge to Malmö went into service on December 12th, 2010 with the introduction of the winter timetable – some six months earlier than scheduled. The project was earmarked to cost 9.45 bill. Swedish Crowns (1.04 bill. Euros) in 2001 but actually wound up costing 8.45 bill. Swedish Crowns (930 mill. euros).

The Malmö City Tunnel project comprises:

a 6 km long tunnel section with 2 single-track bores with 12 cross-passages (4.5 km of which set at a depth of 13 to 25 m was driven by 2 tunnelling machines with 9 m diameter),

11 km of track on the surface,

the Triangeln tunnel station and the Hyllie Station as well as

the new Malmö through station with four 320 m long platforms.

The top speed on the new route amounts to 160 km/h. The project links the Öresund Bridge with Malmö by the shortest possible connection (14 km long new route) as well as establishing direct links from the Bridge towards Ystadt and Trelleborg. G.B.


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