Brenner Base Tunnel: Access Routes and Tunnel Start-Up

The 55 km long Brenner Base Tunnel (BBT) represents the core of the new Munich-Verona route on the trans-European network (TEN) and is due to open in 2025. It is estimated to cost 8.2 b. euros of which the European Union will contribute 27 % of the total with Austria and Italy sharing the remainder. The BBT project includes the building of access routes in the north (New Lower Inn Valley Railway) and south between Franzenfeste and Verona. The planning for contract section 1 of the new BBT southern access route, which was decided on by the Committee for Economic Planning (CIPE) will be...

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Issue 01/2022 Germany

Brenner Northern Rail Access: Planning Contract for the Innleiten–Kirnstein Section

Project Section Including Two Tunnels The Munich–Innsbruck railway line is the most important connection from southern Germany to Tyrol/Austria and serves as a feeder to the Brenner Pass. In...

Issue 07/2011 Austria/Italy

Brenner Base Tunnel: Main Phase started

Phase III, the main construction phase of the Brenner Base Tunnel (BBT), currently the European Union’s /EU’s) most important transport infrastructural project, was started on April 18, 2011 in...

Issue 03/2015

The Core of the European North-South Rail Link

The starting shot for driving the first bore of the Brenner Base Tunnel was fired on March 19, 2015 in the Innsbruck Ahrental Valley. EU transport commissioner Violeta Bulc took over the patronage of...

Issue 02/2023 Austria/Italy

Brenner Base Tunnel: TBM Virginia Has Reached the Brenner

After 4 years, the first tunnel boring machine (TBM) of a main tunnel in the Brenner Base Tunnel successfully completed driving on 30 March 2023. TBM Virginia covered around 14 km on its journey,...


Brenner Base Tunnel: Largest Contract Section awarded on Austrian Side of Project

With the awarding of the largest contract section on the Austrian side of the project, Pfons–Brenner, a significant step has been taken in accomplishing the longest underground rail link, the Brenner...