Erzgebirge Tunnel: “Big Open BIM” Tunnel Planning

As an important link in cross-border rail traffic between the Federal Republic of Germany and the Czech Republic, DB Netz AG and the Czech rail infrastructure company Správa železnic (SZCZ) are jointly planning a new high-speed line between Dresden and Prague. The planned link will be part of the trans-European transport network “TEN-T Corridor 22: Orient/East Med”. It is intended to reduce the travel time between the two metropolitan regions to around 1 hour and between the capitals of the two countries to around 2.5 hours. The centerpiece of this plan will be the cross-border “Erz­gebirge Tunnel” in project section 2 (PA 2), which will pass under the mountain range of the same name in the planned route.

1 Introduction

The engineering consortium “INGE PA2 Erzgebirgstunnel” (ILF, Bung, iC Consulenten and Valbek) assigned for the preliminary planning (work phases 1 + 2) is currently investigating two route corridors for the variant decision using the BIM methodology. Depending on the variant, the Erzgebirge Tunnel will reach a length of between approx. 26 and 30 km, with approx. 15 or 19  km of the tunnel on the German side (Fig. 1). Thus, according to the current planning status, the Erzgebirge Tunnel will be by far the longest rail tunnel in Germany.

The project-specific challenges associated...

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