Telemetric and Data Analysis Solutions for Tunnelling

Contractors in the tunneling industry use a wide variety of machines for different applications as well as different measuring devices to capture physical phenomena. What is often missing is a clear and easy-to-read overview of all measured data and the possibility of cross-comparison for a better understanding of the process. For sprayed concrete applications, this could be achieved with digital data collection tools, such as the telemetry and data analysis solutions from the Swiss company Mobbot. By bundling data, several project participants could benefit from its use despite different requirements.

For example, what happens on the job site will most likely be clear to the operators, but not necessarily to the same extent to site managers. Site managers and remote teams base their understanding on both complex handwritten reports and numerous visits to the tunnel. If such information is made available digitally and online instead, a lot of time can be saved. Moreover, the online availability of consistent information from multiple devices and reports allows site managers to keep track of materials used and optimize their consumption. This not only reduces the carbon footprint of the...

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