Herrenknecht AG

On the occasion of the World Tunnel Congress Herrenknecht is presenting state-of-the-art tunnelling technology with emphasis on the Latin American region. To cope with the changing ground conditions during the construction of the metro in Rio de Janeiro, Herrenknecht supplied a Multi-mode TBM, which can be converted from open mode to closed EPB mode.Six innovative Variable Density TBMs are being used for the construction of the new metro in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). The Variable Density TBM combines the advantages of the EPB principle with those of Mixshields. The machine can switch between...

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Issue 02/2015


On the occasion of the World Tunnel Congress Herrenknecht presents itself as the pioneer in mechanized tunnelling. Using Herrenknecht Tunnelling Systems, modern tunnels worldwide are created safe and...

Issue 03/2017

Tunnelling in Malaysia

In Malaysia, tunnelling took on an important change in 2003 when there was an acute need to address major flooding issues in the city of Kuala Lumpur. With the city densely built up to the brims, the...

Issue 05/2010 China

TBM/EPB for building the Xian Metro

In the historic city of Xian famous for the Terracotta Army the 26.4 km long Metro Line 1 is under construction. It runs from north to south through the centre of the city. In contract section 12 two...

Issue 08/2016 Ecuador

Quito Metro Line 1: TBM Tunnelling Works to commence in Spring 2017

In Quito one of the highest metro systems in the world is currently being built. The first line will run over a distance of 22 km through the capital of Ecuador. At an altitude of more than 2800 m...

Issue 07/2016

Development of LDSM and HDSM Concept for Variable Density TBMs

1 Introduction Mechanised tunnelling in highly permeable ground with extremely heterogeneous geology along the alignment demands that the support medium used can reliably transfer the support pressure...