The Robbins Company

If the tunnel-geology ranges from soft soils to weathered rock, the Robbins Company offers a solution: The Earth Pressure Balance Machine (EPBM). EPBMs are built for durability and longevity with a thicker cutterhead, an operational life of 10 000 hours, and other features that draw from the company’s extensive background in hard rock. For mixed ground projects, Robbins offers Hybrid Tunnel Boring Machines that feature advantages from two different machine types. New designs for larger diameter machines of 12 to 15 m further streamline in-tunnel conversion between modes.

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Issue 08/2012

EPBM Excavations of Prague Subway “Metro V.A.” 

The construction of Metro V.A., the fifth extension of line A, started in April 2010. It will add to operation 4 new stations and 6.1 km of tunnels to the existing Prague subway network by the end...

Issue 05/2021 Mexico

Rectangular Rock Mining Machine for Flat Invert

Employed by Mexico’s oldest silver mine, Fresnillo Plc, the MDM5000 is boring a mine access tunnel in andesite and shale with quartz intrusions that has defied earlier attempts using roadheaders. The...

Issue 07/2012

Reducing the Cutterhead Wear at EPB Tunnel Boring Machines

Large boulders, abrasive ground, and continuous mixed face conditions: It’s a perfect storm that can maximize wear on an EPB cutterhead and result in increased downtime or even cost overruns. This...

Issue 03/2021

Diameter Change – USA’s Largest Hard Rock TBM Undergoes Planned In-Tunnel Conversion

The drainage relief tunnel in Dallas, Texas, USA is an important project, as the tunnel will provide 100-year flood protection for east and southeast areas of the city--locations affected in recent...

Issue 02/2021 China

China’s Largest Robbins Crossover TBM Launches on Pearl River Delta Intercity Railway

The largest ever Robbins Crossover (XRE) TBM in China launched in late March 2021 in Guangzhou for contractors Sichuan Jinshi Heavy Equipment Leasing Co., Ltd and CREC Bureau 2. The 9.16 m diameter...