Tunnelling Pocketbook 2020

The Taschenbuch für den Tunnelbau (Tunnelling Pocketbook) is a practically oriented source of advice for clients, designers and contractors that deals with current developments and innovative problem solutions and thus documents the state of the technology. The pocket book is published in German with an additional English abstract of each specialized article. The new edition of the Taschenbuch für den Tunnelbau contains the following chapters:

Geotechnical investigations: discusses tunnel spoil with changeable waste disposal properties, such as the handling of the earth with pyrite content on the Stuttgart–Ulm project.

Conventional tunnelling: deals with grouting to waterproof jointed rock mass (unleached gypsum Keuper) around tunnel tubes for the Stuttgart–Ulm rail project.

Digitalisation in tunnelling: this article provides background information about the DAUB (German Tunnelling Committee) recommendation „Digital Design, Building and Operation of Underground Structures – BIM in Tunnelling“

Machinery and equipment: the theme here is screw and belt conveyance in mechanised tunnelling taking into account the design plan and excavation logistics

Research and development: this chapter has three reports.

• Widening of the Petersberg Tunnel (Tunnel-in-Tunnel method, for the first time in a tunnel with overhead)

• Quality assurance for the use of PP fibre concrete to improve the fire and spalling behaviour of road tunnel linings

• Empirical forecasting model for the time-dependent behaviour of shotcrete

Contract and commercial aspects: development of a cost model for the exact estimation of the production costs of tunnels

G. B.

Tunnelling Pocketbook 2020
Edited by: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Geotechnik (DGGT), Essen
German with an additional English abstract of each specialized article
44th year, 304 pp. A6 with 155 Ill./Tab. and 95 references; bound 39,90 €;
Also available as E-book.
Print ISBN 978-3-433-03278-7
Publisher: Ernst & Sohn, Berlin

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