Porr Builds First Twin Motorway Tunnel in Romania

Porr Romania was commissioned by the state road company CNAIR to design and build the Sibiu–Pitești motorway, section 4 (Tigveni–Curtea de Argeș). This 9.86 km long section includes a 1.35 km long tunnel. The total value of the contract is 311 million euros; the construction period has been scheduled for 60 months.

“The overall Sibiu-Pitești motorway project represents an important section of the Pan-European Corridor IV. We are proud to now be taking on another essential part of this transport axis,” says Porr CEO Karl-Heinz Strauss. The company is already responsible for the construction and planning of construction lot 1, a 13.17 km long section between Sibiu and Boița. The construction progress on this section is about 60 %.

The motorway section 4 comprises several challenging engineering structures, including twelve bridges and crossings as well as viaducts. In addition, two motorway overpasses and a road crossing in Tigveni are planned. As a premiere, Porr is constructing the country's first motorway twin tunnel in underground construction as part of this section. The two tunnel tubes are to cross the Momaia mountain in Argeș County and be connected to each other by three cross-passages.

The Sibiu–Pitești motorway has a total length of 123 km, divided into five lots. Its importance for the road infrastructure of Romania lies in the fact that it is the shortest connection between the west and the south-east of the country. Moreover, it is the first motorway in Romania to cross the Carpathian Mountains and connect the central-western part of the country with the European road network.


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