Coordinated Solutions for Incidents

What preconditions have to be provided to enable good coordination between tunnel operators and emergency services in case of an incident? This question occupied the 4th Commanders Forum at the International Fire Academy in Balsthal, Switzerland. The most important subjects from the specialist lectures and the discussions of the fire service members with other involved emergency services, tunnel owners, contractors and engineers are collected in the following article.

Many aspects of dealing with incidents are fundamentally regulated in the EU Tunnel Directive. This alone is not sufficient, since both the assignment conditions and the technical and organisational capabilities of all involved parties, like tunnel operators, engineers, emergency services, supervisory authorities, safety officers and the police, can differ greatly. The early clarification of the following questions was seen as an essential precondition for effective coordination of fire fighting:

How are the defined tasks of all parties regulated?

With what tactics do the parties proceed and...

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