Data management and risk analysis for tunnelling projects

Control of settlements in buildings due to variations in ground conditions and the use of an appropriate TBM guidance system minimize risks and optimize construction quality. IRIS.tunnel is a helpful software for monitoring data management that offers an added value to the client and the jobsite in underground works, especially in urban areas. Real time data analysis through IRIS web-based platform enables short time decision-making to avoid any dangerous scenario during construction.

The execution of underground works requires an assessment of all risks during the planning phase and its comprehensive control during construction to establish acceptable levels of security. This is achieved by placing a sensor network to register a series of values ​​of the most significant parameters of the machines – TBMs and auxiliary tools – geotechnical measurements and existing structures that may be affected during progression of works.

This data collection must be analysed and interpreted subsequently to assess the level of risk at all times and to make the appropriate decisions. Both...

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