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Filder Tunnel: Unusual TBM Turning Manoeuvre

Video clip of the 180 ° turn (with German commentary)

The fourth tunnel drive of the tunnel boring machine (TBM) „SUSE“ started in November 2018. Before that, the 120 m long machine had to be dismantled into seven pieces, which then were turned one by one underground. This article contains a short video clip of the unusual turning manoeuvre, made by the DB Projekt Stuttgart–Ulm GmbH.

Client DB Projekt Stuttgart–Ulm GmbH is continuing the construction of the Filder Tunnel as part of the Stuttgart 21 project. With the installation of the first segment rings, tunnelling and thus the fourth tunnel drive of the tunnel boring machine (TBM) „SUSE“ started in November 2018. After the arrival of the TBM in the Stuttgart valley in summer 2018 and the successful turning manoeuvre from the west to the east bore, this last tunnel drive is planned to take until summer 2019. Once the last 3400 m have been driven, the two bores of the 9.5 km long Filder Tunnel will be nearly structurally complete.

The Filder Tunnel has been driven by joint venture ATCOST 21 since 2014 in four sections, largely using TBMs. The two bores of the tunnel will connect the rebuilt main station in Stuttgart to Stuttgart Airport and the high-speed line to the Filder plain.

Turning Manoeuvre

The fourth tunnel drive follows a laborious and unusual turning manoeuvre. To turn a tunnel boring machine deep underground was a spectacular process and unusual even for experienced tunnellers. The TBM „SUSE“, with a shield diameter of 10.82 m, a length of about 120 m and a weight of about 2000 t was dismantled underground in seven parts and turned 180° in a cavern excavated for this purpose.

You can take a look at the turning manoeuver in the following short video, made by the Railway Project Stuttgart–Ulm (commentary available in German only).


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