KOINOR – Improvement of Fire Safety and Upgrading of Underground Transport Tunnels

The stock of existing tunnels in Germany is obsolete and legislators have revised the guidelines, in some cases several times. If the obsolescence of a tunnel now demands repair or a structural upgrade, then the new requirements become applicable. This can sometimes lead to considerably more stringent requirements for operational safety, durability, resilience or constructional fire protection. As part of the KOINOR research project, concepts and processes are being developed for the improvement of fire protection and upgrading of underground transport tunnels. A central point of the development is a sustainable construction material with high fire resistance for application to existing tunnels, which should also offer a solution for other typical weathering mechanisms.

1 Introduction
1.1 Background

Existing tunnels for road, rail and metro modes of transport are exposed to heavy stress during their period of use, which can lead to damage to the tunnel substance. Fig. 1 and Fig. 2 show the age distribution of existing road and rail tunnels in Germany. The first road tunnels were already built at the start of the 1970s, and the first rail tunnels as far back as 1850. From the available data, the conclusion can be drawn that rail tunnels currently have an average service life of 100 years and the oldest road tunnels are about 50 years old. Most tunnels must...

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