Maastricht’s lowered urban Motorway

By 2016 Maastricht intends relocating no less than 80 % of the existing volume of traffic on the A2 urban motorway underground. The “Groene Loper” (Green Carpet) project represents one of the biggest construction schemes ever undertaken by the city in the south-east of the Netherlands. At present a double-deck tunnel with two bores is being produced – the first of its kind in Europe.

The plan: the urban part-route of the A2 motorway, an important north-south artery in the Netherlands, will run underground through Maastricht between the Geusselt and Europaplein hubs over a length of some 2.3 km. The lanes of the lower tunnel level are intended for through traffic, for example from Eindhoven to Liege in Belgium and vice versa; the upper lanes are foreseen for local and regional traffic.

Infrastructure Project widely accepted by Locals

The new tunnel is designed to provide Maastricht with some breathing space again: after all tens of thousands of cars pass through the city on a...

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