Operating Staff in centralized Tunnel Monitoring

Centralized tunnel monitoring heralds new challenges for the operating staff in the control rooms. Ongoing further development of the data acquisition and control systems installed in the tunnels leads to the amount of data received in control rooms and handled by the operators piling up. The tunnel control centre in Hamm, one of Germany’s largest, is currently responsible for 23 tunnels. Tailor-made visualization of data by the control systems for the task in hand is an important prerequisite for dealing effectively and efficiently with a large number of monitored tunnels.

Tasks facing Operators

Tunnel control room operators are faced with two main tasks, which are described as follows in the RABT 2006: “monitoring, controlling and securing traffic in standard, fault and emergency situations” as well as “monitoring, controlling and regulating the technical operating facilities in standard, fault and emergency situations” [1]. There is also a series of secondary duties associated with the control room such as coordinating service and maintenance tasks as well as winter services.

In most cases, faults affecting the operating facilities are reported automatically...

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