Hahn Kunststoffe

Segment Storage

The same applies for every tunnel project: segments must be at the right place at the right time. Towards this end, special demands are posed on the transport and storage of these weighty concrete elements.

Segments are generally stored in piles of rings. In the process, the high intrinsic weight of the elements results in extremely high loads on the lower rings and the bearing blocks (supports). The minimum height of the supports depends on the thickness of the segments, their varying inner and outer radii and the applied clamp of the bridge crane. In this way, mutual contact between the...

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HAHN Kunststoffe GmbH

HAHN Kunststoffe GmbH, an internationally operating company, produces stacking blocks made of recycled plastics for the storage of tubbing segments and other concrete parts. The material hanit® is...

Issue 2018-05 Segment Storage

New mago Load Distribution Board

Until now, normal untreated hardboard has been used as load distribution boards. For the purpose of rationalisation, these boards are mostly glued on immediately after segment production. Then the...

Issue 2021-03 Sealable Solutions

New Groove Geometry to Prevent Concrete Spalling on Segments

It is generally known that the design of segments tends to become thinner and thinner due to cost, handling and environmental aspects. Consequently, the contact area between the segment rings is also...

Issue 2015-01 France/Saudi Arabia

Acimex supplies Vacuum Technology for Riyadh Metro

The French company Acimex, specialized in vacuum handling technology, announced its supply of a segment erector system as well as a segment trolley to the EPB TBM made by the French manufacturer NFM...

Issue 2009-03 New Products

New Excluder Grease for Tunnel Boring Machines from BASF Bauchemie

BASF’s Bauchemie division has introduced its own production plant for the main bearing excluder grease market. The new product series, MEYCO® BSG excluder greases for tunnel boring machines was...