Grand Paris Express

Steel-Fibre-Reinforced Tunnel Segments Improve Carbon Footprint

Although the use of steel fibres for shotcrete or concrete segments can significantly improve the CO2 footprint, their use is still not widespread in Europe. The example of construction lot 16-1 of the Grand Paris Express (GPE) rapid transit network in France shows how the interaction of innovatively thinking construction partners not only creates cost savings, but also benefits the environment.

Comprehensive climate-relevant optimisations are possible above all in the production of cement, concrete and steel. For example, the production of cement in Germany alone generates about 0.6 t of CO2 per 1 t of cement. The use of high-performance concretes enables significantly lower component thicknesses, which in turn leads to savings in steel reinforcement, concrete quantity and cement content. As early as the design and planning of structures, climate-relevant improvements are possible: this is where the design decisions for more environmentally friendly construction methods are made,...

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