World Tunnel Congress Naples,
May 3rd–9th 2019

The next World Tunnel Congress will be held in Naples from 3rd to 9th May 2019. The conference A key event for the engineering and geotechnical sectors linked to tunnelling, promoted by the International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association (ITA-AITES) and Società Italiana Gallerie (SIG).

WTC Naples 2019 will host conferences, seminars and workshops related to the world of underground design and construction, with a focus on engineering and innovation. This edition will be characterized by a distinctive and unique perspective due to the inclusion of themes suggested by the city of Naples and its context, and more generally by the Italian background.


Archaeology, Architecture and Art

In fact the metropolitan area of Naples hosts many underground structures back-dated to the Ancient Roman Empire, dominating the Mediterranean. At the same time the city of Naples is also a place for innovative infrastructures like the so called urban underground “Stations of Arts”, such as the multi-awarded Toledo and Università stations. They are examples of the ability to give value to a place through the synergy and interaction between archaeology, architecture and art, representing a model for innovative solutions accomplished during excavation works. Therefore WTC 2019 has come to the decision to plan some sessions dedicated to the “Triple A” (Archaeology, Architecture and Art).

According to Eng. Renato Casale, WTC 2019 Organizing Committee President, “The main objective of WTC 2019 Naples is the revealing and original interpretation of certain needs which are increasingly arising in the social life of national and international communities, including security, environmental quality and effective mobility. Underground works can provide one of the best answers to such needs because today they can leverage instruments used by technicians with increasing awareness and ability, grounded in integrated project design which combine far-removed or even divergent disciplines: dynamic planning, design of underground spaces and facilities, safety and automation technologies, architecture, art and archaeology”.


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