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WTC 2019 in Naples: Technical Visits

From May 3–9, 2019, the World Tunnel Congress will take place in the South-Italian city of Naples. On May 9, the final day of the congress, participants will have the opportunity of joining technical visits to underground construction sites and can choose one of four interesting destinations: 

The Brenner Base Tunnel (Bolzano)

The Brenner Base Tunnel (BBT), between Italy and Austria, will be the world’s longest underground rail link and is currently under construction. The project foresees the excavation of approximately 230 km of tunnels, with roughly three quarters using open or shielded TBMs and one quarter using the conventional drill and blast method. In May 2019, underground excavations and civil works will be in full activity and the participants will experience the visit “at its best”!

Metro Lines 1 & 6 in Naples

The Naples Metro Lines 1 and 6 are part of an integrated metro system serving the whole city that today embodies six underground railway lines and four funiculars. For these underground lines, participants will have the chance to visit five job sites for the construction of line 1 & 6 underground stations (Capodichino, Centro Direzionale, Municipio, Chiaia, San Pasquale) besides tunnels construction between Capodichino and Centro Direzionale stations.

Naples–Bari High Speed Railway line (Naples)

The Naples-Bari High Speed Railway line is part of the TEN-T European Network. The project will enable the integration of the southern railway network with the existing Italian high-speed network. The alignment has a total length of about 180 km (from Naples to Foggia) with 120 km that remain to be built. Tunnels are foreseen in more than 50 % of the total length of the line and namely in the central stretch where the alignment will underpass the Apennine mountain chain with long and deep tunnels in difficult geotechnical conditions.

Recently, the first two lots closer to Naples have been awarded by RFI to main Italian Contractors, and in May 2019, the jobsites will be in operation.

Metro Line C in Rome & guided Tour
of the Colosseo

Line C is the third line of the Underground in Rome, underpassing the historical and archaeological heart of the city; it is also the first fully automated metro line in the city. The T3 stretch, from San Giovanni to Fori Imperiali, is 3 km long and is still under construction. The tunnels (6.7 m diameter) run 35 m below the ground level, while the stations (platforms length: 120 m) are located very close to the Colosseum and the Aurelian Walls (“Mura Aureliane”).

The technical visits will give access to the new San Giovanni station/museum and to the construction site of T3 stretch (Amba Aradam and Fori Imperiali stations and tunnels). After the visit, all participants will have the opportunity to enjoy a guided tour of the Colosseo.


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