Christian Veder Colloquium 2011

Deep Construction Pits under tricky marginal Conditions

26th Christian Veder Colloquium, Graz/A April 28/29, 2011. Association of Underground Engineering, Group for Geotechnics Graz. Edited by: M. Dietzel, S. Kieffer, W. Schubert, F.H. Schweiger and B. Semprich. 350 pp (DIN A5) with 255 Ills./Tables and 57 Sources. ISBN 978-3-900484-57-6; bound. 30.00 euros. Booklet 40, Institute for Soil Mechanics and Underground Engineering, TU Graz.

Just like other geotechnical structures each individual construction pit represents a special feature that also has to be taken into consideration at the design stage; difficulties which occur during execution are...

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