Marienhof in Munich: Construction Work on the Access Structure in Full Swing

Work on the Marienhof station in the heart of Munich is going according to plan. The special civil engineering with the construction of the diaphragm walls and primary supports as well as the construction of the cover had already been completed by the time of the presentation of ARGE Marienhof in tunnel 4/2022. The overall project was presented in detail in tunnel 2/2023. The following article provides an overview of the status of work in late summer 2023 at Germany’s deepest S-Bahn station at Marienhof.

Since the start of construction in September 2019, the securing of the excavation by the diaphragm walls, the 50 primary supports for transferring the loads of the deck slabs during construction and the deck, i.e. level E0, were constructed by December 2021 (see tunnel 4/2022). The time schedule is shown in Table 1.

1 Special Civil Engineering

The current focus in special civil engineering is on monitoring the quality of the completed construction. The production of the diaphragm walls was successful and, apart from a few minor visual blemishes, the targeted impermeability and required...

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