Bruck Tunnel Chain redeveloped with an Investment Cost of 220 Million Euros

The tunnels Tanzenberg (2.5 km long), Oberaich (0.2 km), Massenberg (0.4 km), Bruck (1.2 km), St. Ruprecht (0.7 km) and Niklasdorf (1.3 km) belong to the Bruck tunnel chain in Austria. Since 2007, the ASFINAG (the Austrian Motorways Authority) has redeveloped and upgraded the chain of tunnels along with all the bridges and open areas of terrain belonging to it. These activities at the Semmering major project expressway S 6 were completed at the end of April 2016 with an investment cost of around 220 million euros.

State of the Art Safety Systems

As a result, all the tunnels comply with the latest safety standards. Towards this end, ventilation systems, lighting, emergency call and fire extinguisher recesses, inner linings as well as the carriageway and the complete operating and safety equipment with all data transfer facilities were renewed. In addition, water conservation areas and escapeways were set up together with a truck height control system at the tunnel entrances. The renovation of the bridges and noise protection walls as well as the removal of creeping slides, which had pressed against the tunnel walls for a long time thus damaging them was also part of the overall project.

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