Gotthard Base Tunnel: Control Technology

In Switzerland the Gotthard Base Tunnel is being built as part of the new rail routes crossing the Alps (NEAT). Towards this end, Siemens was commissioned to provide the tunnel control system. The technology in the Tunnel Control Centre (TCC) represents the beating heart for monitoring and controlling the electro-mechanical systems and is responsible for all operational processes. The electronic system caters for efficiency and safety in the tunnel. Thus the operator in the TCC receives a complete overview of the status of operational systems at any given time. In addition, the Maintenance Management Tool controls how maintenance operations are planned.

The Gotthard Base Tunnel consists of two parallel, 57 km long single-track bores, which are linked to each other by means of 40 m long cross-passages at 325 m gaps. Altogether, the tunnel system with all its routes, shafts and tunnels is 151.8 km in length. The tunnel represents a true project of the century: initial plans for a flat trajectory rail artery already existed back in the late 1940s devised to replace the high mountain route with its narrow curves and 27 ‰ gradients. Work on the GBT in its present form commenced in 1999. The eastern bore was broken through in 2010.

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