Longitudinal Flow of Water Along Hose Assemblies Through Inner Tunnel Linings

For the construction of inner tunnel linings exposed to water pressure, both constructions made of waterimpermeable concrete and waterproofing with plastic sealing membranes are used. Both sealing options have in common that hose lines are led through the inner tunnel shell along a tunnel block. The article published in tunnel 3/22 examines the question of the extent to which water can flow along the longitudinal direction of the hose lines as a construction-related effect.

1 Introduction

In the case of inner tunnel shells made of water-impermeable concrete, internal joint waterstops are usually integrated at the transition to the neighbouring blocks. These joint tapes are provided with injection hoses as a post-sealing option, which are led through the shell at various locations, for later correction.

For tunnel linings with plastic waterproofing membranes, hose lines are routed from the sealing through the tunnel lining for targeted subsequent injection in the event of damage. Furthermore, the ZTV-ING [1] stipulates that specific testing and injection...

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