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Brandschutz | Fire Protection

Tunnel Fire Control Dampers

Heslach Tunnel in Stuttgart/D

The ADAC complains about it, many motorists object to it, it’s an unacceptable situation for fire services – many transport tunnels in Europe fail to...


Fachtagungen | Conferences

ESIMAS Project

Workshop for Tunnel Operators

As was reported in tunnel 6/2012 (September issue), a Workshop for Tunnel Operators was held at the Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt) in...


STUVA-Nachrichten | STUVA News

Research and Development

STUVA news

STUVA Staffer Dr.-Ing. Dirk Boenke awarded the 2012 Traffic Safety Prize Dr.-Ing. Dirk Boenke, head of STUVA’s Traffic + Environment section, was...


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Buchbesprechung | Book Review

Aktuelles | Topical News

Germany – Training Course

Successful 2012 German tunnel Forum

The STUVA and the international trade journal tunnel together with 5 partners from industry successfully staged the 2nd German tunnel Forum in...


Changes: Breaking with tunnel

This issue of tunnel (1/2013) marks the end of my tenure in office as editor-in-chief. After more than 11 exciting and interesting years with tunnel...