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VDE 8 completely operational

The 500 km long new/upgraded Nuremberg-Berlin rail route, also known as German Unity Transport Project No. 8 (VDE 8), was approved by the German Parliament in 1991 in the form of a high-speed line (up...


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Stuttgart–Ulm Railway Project

New Sealing Profile Concept for the segmental Lining in the Albvorland Tunnel

The new ICE high-speed line between Wendlingen and Ulm, just on 60 km in total length, is currently under construction in the south-east of the Stuttgart metropolitan region as part of the expansion of the pan-European high-speed rail network. A further major project – the around 8.3 km long Albvorland Tunnel near Kirchheim unter Teck – has recently been started, and is the final tunnel-construction project, closing the remaining gap between Stuttgart and the Swabian Alb. Maximum safety is also needed for this project, with overburdend varying from a maximum of 65 m to a minimum of only just on 9.50 m and head of water of up to 45 m. This enhanced safety awareness was also reflected in the technical schedule of works for the segment seal in the context of the project tendering stage.


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Stuttgart–Ulm Rail Project: The Tunnel below the A8 Motorway on the Swabian Alb

The tunnel below the A8 federal motorway is located on the Swabian Alb plateau, which is intersected by the new Wendlingen–Ulm high-speed rail route. Reports on the major project and the plan approval section (PFA) 2.3 Alb plateau have already appeared elsewhere in the magazine tunnel. The tunnel lies close to the highest point of the route, in the third route section of the roughly 21 km long plan approval section.


Porous Annular Gap Grout in Shield Tunnelling Test Procedures for the Assessment of Durability under Sulphate Exposure

Until now, segment-lined tunnels in low mountain formations have been constructed with one layer of pressure-tight lining, with sealing being provided by elastomer gasket profiles. The application limit of this method of construction is about 5 bar. If the water pressure is higher, a much more elaborate and thus more expensive double-shell construction with an additional drainage layer between the inner and outer lining is necessary. In the recent past, a solution for this problem in mechanised tunnelling with segment lining has often been discussed in the specialist world: a drainage layer of permeable material for annular gap grouting. This would then make the installation of an additional inner lining with drainage layer no longer necessary.




New Emscher Sewer Tunnel: VMT provided TBM Navigation and Work Safety Concept in BA 40

The construction of the 51 km long Abwasserkanal Emscher (AKE) sewer tunnel is the largest individual project to improve the River Emscher in the Ruhr, Germany and is technically and financially one of the greatest challenges that the Emschergenossenschaft as client and their construction partners have ever had to overcome. Among the individual construction sections of the major project, construction section (BA) 40 is exceptional, not only because of its construction with segment lining.


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ITA-CET Training Course during WTC 2017

focusing on “Excavation and Support in Soft Ground Conditions”. Some of the best specialists and experts of tunnelling in the world took their time to present and share their knowledge with an international audience of roundabout 60 people (some 15 young professionals and students from WTC host country Norway).


Tunnel Market Survey 2016

The International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association (ITA) has been collecting data on international tunnel and underground construction since 2011. A first global market analysis was compiled in 2014. For the second overview, presented at the WTC 2017 in Bergen, the ITA member nations (73 countries) have once again been involved in collecting and checking the data. In total, information from 89 countries and 2300 projects was included in the recent analysis. This second market analysis clearly shows that the tunnelling market has a considerable size, with a global annual output of 86 billion euros.


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Passing of STUVA Prize Winner Heinz Duddeck

from Günter Girnau, honorary member of the STUVA boardOn 18 August 2017, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr.-Ing. E. h. Heinz Duddeck, long-term professor of structural engineering at the TU Braun-schweig and...